Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Essentials: For the Girl in College

1. skirt suit - for class presentations and job interviews.
2. plain t shirt - for everyday.
3. striped t shirt - for everyday.
4. black skinny pants - for everyday.
5. dark rinse skinny jeans - for everyday.
6. cropped jacket - for colder days.
7. sweater - for chilly days and frigid classrooms.
8. skirt - for class and parties.
9. tights - for cold days.
10. sweat pants - for lounging in the dorms.
11. bikini - for swimming and tanning.
12. flip flops - for use as shower shoes.
13. black pumps - for class presentations, job interviews, and parties.
14. flats - for everyday.

Essential Shoes for Women

A well-balanced shoe collection should have each of the above shoe types.

1. flip flops - for use in the shower, by the pool, and at the beach.
2. sneakers - for exercise.  (Above: Converse Chuck Taylor)
3. flats - for everyday.  (Above: Alexander McQueen)
4. galoshes - for dryness and mobility on rainy or snowy days.  (Above: Sperry Top-Sider)
5. black pumps with a closed toe and closed heel - for interviews, the office, and parties.  (Above: Nine West)
6. peep toe stilettos - for parties, a less conservative office, and church.  (Above: Christian Louboutin)
7. wedges - for events taking place on grass.  (Above: Giuseppe Zanotti)
8. strappy stiletto sandals - for ultimate sex appeal.  (Above: Jimmy Choo)

Note:  The shoes shown above epitomize their respective shoe types.  You can easily find less expensive versions at your local malls.