Thursday, September 3, 2009

How China (and I) See the World

I would say The Economist cover above accurately portrays the current balance of world powers from a socioeconomic and infrastructural perspective.  Today, most Chinese cities are, without a doubt, more glamorous and more technologically advanced than major American and European cities.  Despite the Communist government, China had 364,000 millionaires at the end of 2008 - a millionaire population surpassed only by the United States, Japan, and Germany.

What especially amuses me about the map above is the depiction of a dysfunctional, barren America heavily in debt, with foreclosed homes for sale; Wall Street falling through a huge crack; and Lady Liberty shamelessly soliciting other nations to "please give generously."  Nothing appears to be happening in Canada.  The only notable event in South America seems to be the active bulldozing of the rainforest.  While the Americas may appear useless for the most part to the Chinese, Africa seems like a land of opportunity with its abundant minerals and oil reserves.  Also, multitudes of wealthy Chinese women will continue to rely on Europe for its luxury goods - most notably, Prada and Hermes (Birkin bag, starting at approximately  USD $5000).    

Click on the images above and below to view the full-size pictures.
For reference, Victoria Beckham carries a Hermes Birkin, as pictured below.  I adore her RM by Roland Mouret dress.

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