Sunday, January 3, 2010

my own Gossip Girl moment - Who took my coat?

For New Year's 2010, I went to a house party at a friend's swanky mansion in Nashville, hung my black J. Crew plaza coat in the coat closet along with all the other guests' coats, and left the party six and a half hours later with what appeared to be my coat.  Strangely it seemed to feel less soft than usual, but I thought I was just imagining things.  Three days later and several hundred miles away, I realized I had taken someone else's identical J. Crew plaza coat in the same size (2P) and color, because the coat currently in my possession had been altered to remove the flap pockets, which are still present on the J. Crew plaza coat that I own!

Hopefully no scandal will erupt as a result of the coat switch, like in Gossip Girl when Maureen Vanderbilt accidentally took Lily van der Woodsen's Valentino coat after the Thanksgiving party.  I hope I didn't have any incriminating evidence or money stashed in my coat pockets.

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