Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christian Louboutin identifies the fakers.

Click here to view the extensive list of websites that Christian Louboutin has marked as sellers of counterfeit Louboutins.  The site also contains fascinating video footage of a tractor literally mowing down hundreds of fake Louboutin shoes and their shoe boxes in southern China, much to the chagrin of the infringers.

I understand the desire to succeed in business, but those infringing manufacturers could have easily avoided trademark infringement by painting the soles a completely different color, such as electric blue.  The infringers could have avoided all this waste by painting the soles of its Louboutin-inspired shoes any color but red, and by labeling the shoes with its own Chinese brand.  I am very frustrated with my people's notoriety for massive production of counterfeits, but the Chinese government is doing the right thing by cracking down on these unethical businesses and destroying their stash of counterfeit goods.

Chinese businesses: you need to realize that the world governments and luxury consumers may embrace you with enthusiasm and throw a fortune at you, when you produce original, creative, and high-quality work.  The fashion world and I love Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Phillip Lim, Derek Lam, Anna Sui, Vivienne Tam, and Vera Wang, because these fashion designers have produced lines of clothing that exhibited excellent craftsmanship, innovation, quality, and distinctiveness.  And not only that, affluent people on a global scale will happily pay top dollar for clothing and accessories produced by these superstar fashion designers, who also happen to be Chinese in ethnicity.  These designers have amassed huge fortunes through their production of original designs.

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