Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A dear friend asked me if I would ever buy a fake purse or any other counterfeit product.  At this point in my life, I can honestly say no.  I do not own any counterfeit products, because I highly value the craftsmanship and quality of a product and not only its trademark or design.  Also, people are likely to assume that a woman who intentionally buys one counterfeit item would probably buy other counterfeit products.  As the owner of several authentic designer dresses, shoes, and eyewear, I would not want people to assume that I am a consumer of fakes.  As an artist, I enthusiastically support other artists, especially when they have worked hard to create iconic pieces.  Further, the endorsement of counterfeit products violates the principles of intellectual property law.  As an aspiring intellectual property lawyer, I should not be supporting any infringement.

If I cannot afford something, I simply will not buy it or any imitation of it.  The luxury of authentic designer goods can induce a high that counterfeit products simply fail to provide.  When I still had savings, I chose to invest in authentic Louboutins and designer dresses during the epic markdowns of November 2008.  I did not have enough money to buy a designer purse too.

With that said, I am a huge fan of the designer collaborations with H&M and Target.  Diffusion lines are NOT knockoffs, because the fashion designer actually designed the diffusion lines, even if the quality of the material is not on a par with that designer's ready-to-wear/couture lines.  For now, I am perfectly happy with my Rafe for Target purse and Devi Kroell for Target purse.  Despite daily use, they have been holding up excellently since 2006 and 2007, respectively.  On top of that, several straight men have stopped me to remark that they loved these particular purses, and some wanted to know how I could even afford such beautifully designed purses while I was in college.  Not bad for purses that each cost less than $50.

As a disclaimer, I am not condemning those who do buy fakes.  I understand the desire to fit in and impress other women.  However I do not need to rely on my material goods to make friends or to impress others.  Hopefully my sharp wit and intelligence will be enough to leave a great impression.  I do love fashion for its intrinsic aesthetic value and architecture, but I do not feel any desire to slavishly follow fleeting trends.  Nor do I feel any desire to purchase counterfeit items.  Chic can be obtained even at budget prices.

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